As the colder months approach, you can count on Anderson Forest Services for superior firewood that offers the best burning potential. Our firewood is always seasoned for better burns and quality mixes of hard wood such as oak, hickory, maple and ash.

Not All Firewood Burns The Same
Seasoned firewood has a much lower moisture content than green firewood, allowing an effective burn with a higher heat. Wood that has been properly split and stored will promote the evaporation of the water and this process takes time – approximately 12 months for split hardwood to be properly seasoned.
Logs that have been cut down within 12 months are considered “green” and have a much higher moisture content causing most of your precious heat to lost in the release of the steam when burning.

Delivery Area
We can deliver your firewood to any location within 30 miles of Washington, CT.

1/2 Cord:  $150.00
1 Cord: $275.00
2 Cords: $525.00

Stacking not available. Drop delivery within 20 miles of Washington.

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