Logging & Forest Management

Anderson Forestry Services can provide timber management for landowners looking to harvest their forestland in the state of Connecticut. With proper management you can continually improve the quality and value of your forest.

Clinton Anderson is a Certified Forrest Practitioner for State of Connecticut.

Determining The Value Of Your Timber

In order to provide an estimate on what your timber is worth, we must come out to examine the property. There are variables involved that will affect the pricing of the timber such as the age of the forest, the quality of the logs to be cut and the acreage. You must have a minimum of 15 acres for us to come and assess the timber. In addition to our credentials and experience, we also have access to a certified forester when needed.

Forest Incentive Program
In Connecticut 25+ acres of land can provide tax break. Click here for details for tax savings in the state of Connecticut.

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